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For my knight I am forging his equipment and his weapon with many effort so he will survive and win his battle.

There is nothing better for me, than being able to welcome him another time after his succesfull battle.

signed:  The forge of the Ritterschmiede

The products we present on our homepage only demonstrate a little part of our work during many years. Therefore please bring us your

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 Good luck in the battle !!!

These very interesting films were developed in cooperation with the film production Video-Team Dembach.

Combat techniques live- Our weapons and armaments in action!

Sword fight techniques live- Our weapons and armaments in action!

Our next film is ready- Sword fight at the highest level.

The famous scenic fencer Robert Schnöll togehter with the Zeller knights

present a film that we highly recommend!

Available on DVD through us or directly at the tiu-ex shop.

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 Available on DVD through us or directly at the Agilitas.Tv shop.

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